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About IACT

The Idaho Association of County Treasurers (IACT) was formed in 1927 by county elected Treasurers in the State of Idaho. Membership in the IACT is open to all of the 44 Elected Officials currently serving as County Treasurer in the State of Idaho. IACT is an IRS 501(c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in an effort to maintain research, provide education, promote uniformity and coordination among member Treasurers so that the taxpayers and citizens of Idaho are better served.

The constitution and bylaws of IACT provide that the management of the organization is conducted by a member elected Administrative Board. The Administrative Board consists of seven (7) offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Historian and immediate Past President. Officers are elected at the IACT Conference held annually in August.

In addition to the Administrative Board, IACT is made up of various committees. Committee chairs and members are appointed by the President. 

Meetings are held annually to conduct IACT business. The annual meeting locations alternate among the six (6) Idaho districts and are set using a pre-designated schedule. In addition to these annual meetings, we meet twice a year in conjunction with the meetings held by the Idaho Association of Counties.

During meetings and throughout the year, educational and training seminars are available. These seminars are designed to provide the education and support needed so that each Treasurer may understand and meet the statutory requirements and responsibilities of their position as an Elected Official. Additional training is also provided to improve management skills, handle personnel issues and understand general office functions.
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